Thursday, 23 June 2016

Supergroove ~ unleash that energy!

One way and another it's been a tough week, and my mood has rather fitted this darkest time of the year.  However, on the way home one evening, in the dark and rain I heard Supergroove's recording, "You gotta know" (1993) and my spirits lifted.  I had not heard the song before and it had just the right mix of rough-with-the-smooth backed by a driving beat that fitted how I was feeling, and helped me bust out of my tired and defeated state of mind.  When I got home I looked it up to see who it was by and, once again, I found that it was a New Zealand group!  So many of the pieces I've featured in this collection have turned out to be local!  Yay, Supergroove!

Of the two videos featured in this article I've placed "Can't get enough" (1994) first as the video is a gem and I prefer it to the one for "You gotta know", which could perhaps best be described as energetic and letting off steam.  The music is much better than that but essentially that was the effect it had on me.

These recordings may have been released quite a while ago, but sound as contemporary as anything I know of.

'Can't get enough':

'You gotta know':

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