Saturday, 30 January 2016

Skiing sensation at night ~ lightsuits down the mountains ~ "Afterglow" by Philips Ambilight TV

This stunning spectacle is a triumph of art, athletics, snow and commerce.  There are a number of versions of it.  The Lightsuit Segment is my favourite.  It features the recording of "My Silver Lining" by the Swedish sister duo 'First Aid Kit' - an unexpected but delightful pairing of sight and sound.

Those light suits are a stroke of brilliance - both literally and figuratively!  And to describe the ski-ing as 'death-defying' is no exaggeration.  The amount of research, planning and co-ordination that would have gone into it must have been immense.

If you enjoy the sound track scroll to the bottom of this article for their own video of their song and more about the duo.  

For me the making of the film is just as fascinating as the film itself.  You can see a little about it in the video below.  I'd very much like to see a full-length documentary about it!

Here is the full movie - with commentary:

... And another short version with no commentary:

The skiing stars of "Afterglow" are:

And the film was produced by:
Producer: Mike Brown
Location: Alaska  / Alyeska

Here is a look at some more death-defying extreme skiing on comparable Alaskan slopes, this time in daylight:

The featured skiers are: Ian McIntosh and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

Even the greatest athletes can make mistakes and accidents occur:  In the article below you can read about a fall Ian McIntosh took on one such 'run'.  Before you read or watch further, I'll reassure you that he came through unscathed:

Back to a more stable and familiar world:
First Aid Kit is a Swedish sister duo, Johanna Soderberg and Klara Soderberg.  Here is their own video of their song "My Silver Lining":

The track is from their album "Lion's roar", which I have in my own collection.

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