Wednesday, 27 January 2016

MAALA ~ 'Touch' ~ magical

Magic!  When I first saw this video of MAALA I immediately recognised the voice of Evan Sinton, who was my favourite contestant in the 2012 season of New Zealand's Got Talent.  I am delighted that he is continuing to enrich the world with his music.  

For me there is always a sense of him singing from some intense inner place.  It's special.  

I have watched those NZGT recordings many times.  He sang very much his own versions of "Blackbird" by the Beatles, "I put a spell on you" by Screamin Jay Hawkins, and "Bang Bang" by Sony Bono.  They are strangely moving, and in their way remarkable, and I fully agree with Jason Kerrison who, as a judge on the panel, expressed the opinion that if Evan did an album of classic songs it would become a classic.  

MAALA, I hope you remember this and treat us to it one day.  In the meantime it's great to hear you developing your own style.  Long may it continue!

You can find the interview "The Wireless" did with MAALA here:
I have previously mentioned Jason Kerrison here:

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