Thursday, 10 July 2014

OneRepublic ~ "Love runs out"

OneRepublic, an American band, shows a decidedly international flavour in this colourful video.  I love it.  The music stands perfectly well by itself, but is enriched by the video: I love the cloudscapes, the many dancers, the horses, the older woman in the fabulous pink dress, and of course the sight of lead singer Ryan Tedder, strutting his stuff - it's very crisply presented and all such fun!  Yes, OneRepublic, I award you a big gold star for this one!  Watch it on the full-screen size to see it to the best advantage! 

In awarding the gold star I deliberately chose to overlook the use of black polythene (plastic) which I detest on principle, because I could see the effect they were aiming for.

I have linked to the group's website at the beginning of the article, but in common with many sites of musical groups it gives next to no information about them and their history.  You can find out more about them in good old Wikipedia:

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