Sunday, 4 May 2014

'Poor Boy' ~ "My love is alien" ~ Jason Kerrison and ENZSO with a fresh take on Tim Finn's song

"Poor boy" is an unusual and beautifully crafted song which has the timeless quality of much of the music written and performed by the New Zealand band 'Split Enz'.  It was written by Tim Finn for the group's "True Colours" album in 1980.

What wonderfully imaginative lyrics!  Here are the opening lines:
My love is alien, I picked her up by chance
She speaks to me, with ultra-high frequency
Radio band of gold, gonna listen til I grow old...
I was fortunate enough to own a copy at that time and foolishly gave it away some years later.  It is worth buying again!

The song was performed on last year's (2013) "New Zealand's got talent" show in an updated version by musician Jason Kerrison, who was also on the judging panel.  He was accompanyied by the group ENZSO, a collaboration of Eddie Rayner with members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  Eddie was a Split Enz keyboard player of some twelve years standing so was in an unassailable position to do so.  The result is special, rivaling the original, and in my view giving it fresh pequancy.

Click through on the link below to see the video:
And below you can see the original version, which captures all the wonderful theatrical zaniness of Split Enz as they were at that time:

And just for good measure, here is a version posted by a fan which is accompanied by an engaging compilation of  images which span the long career of the band:

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