Saturday, 13 April 2013

Candice Glover is my American Idol of 2013 ~

Candice has been my top favourite since her performance some weeks ago of "I who have nothing" by Tom Jones:

This week she gave an even more superb performance, this time of 'Love song' by 'The Cure', which eclipsed all other competition, strong as that is.  Her voice, musical accomplishment, rendition and delivery are awe inspiring:

I'm really pleased that American Idol is at last publishing these clips on YouTube themselves instead of simply going around shutting down the clips of private individuals who have put up their favourites.  

My one disappointment with this clip of Candice is that there is a moment of what sounds like 'bad' feedback via one of the microphones in use.  Producers could easily edit this out.  Come on, you people - for a performance judges rated as one of the best ever this is surely an oversight! 

And yes, we would like to be able to buy a copy: it is still extremely frustrating for those of us living outside of the U.S. not to be able to purchase these clips and or recordings as a selection of them will assuredly give pleasure for many years to come.  For a show that is broadcast internationally this neglect of its wider audience is puzzling and I am sure represents a considerable loss of business for the show. 


ray said...

amazing performance!!

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Hello Ray, I've added in the clip of her previous performance "I who have nothing" for your enjoyment. :-)