Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Script ~ 'Hall of Fame' with Will.I.Am

I saw this video on tele the other night and enjoyed it.  I have been feeling a bit down lately due to difficulties with people who should know better: it is hard to keep on being tolerant and understanding of people who refuse to discuss issues and hold onto grudges.  I can let this upset me and control how I behave or I can give them a whole lot of space in which to feed their bad feelings in their own company and get on with my life.  But however hard I try to block it out I do find it upsetting, so when I hear a song like this and see these young people gritting their teeth in the face of adversity and continuing to strive towards their own goals I feel strengthened.  Good!  Stand up, be tall, be proud, be yourself!  I can too!

I am not familiar with The Script but have seen quite a bit of Will.I.Am on American Idol.  He is quite a character and often made me laugh, especially when he and Jimmy Iovine mentored the contestants together. 

Music can be a wonderful balm to ease difficulties, and the songs of these musicians speak for themselves...

Note: this track is reminiscent of 'Battle Scars' both in style and themes, which I've featured in an earlier article.

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