Monday, 26 November 2012

'New Zealand's Got Talent' ~ who will win? And some of my favourites

This show has been great entertainment!  My two top favourites are Clara van Wel and Evan Sinton:

Here you can watch Clara's final performance of her own very beautifully written and movingly performed song "Where do you find love?":

I look forward to her commercial recording of this and other songs of her own writing so that I can buy them!

Here is Evan performing Sonny Bono's song, "Bang bang": 

As judge Jason Kerrison said "I reckon that if you were to release an album of classics it would become a classic album." and I agree: in addition to "Bang bang" Evan has delivered some hauntingly original interpretations, namely "Blackbird" by the Beatles, and "I put a spell on you" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.  Yes, I'll buy that album too!  

Later note about Evan: I continue to be very impressed with his music.  For those of you who are interested in hearing more here is his YouTube page:

For those of you who enjoy 'classical' music of the symphonic sort here is the link to 
Jessie Hillel's heart-stopping performance:
I found all of these performances very moving.  What incredible talent!  The ages of these artists is staggeringly young: Clara is 15, Evan is 18, and Jessie is 11!  

At the other end of the age scale is Olivia Turner, who is 91.  She also gave a lot of pleasure to her audiences.  It's wonderful to see a woman of her age so beautiful and accomplished and communicating with her audience with such immediacy.  Of her renditions I enjoyed 'My way' the most.  

And Mihirangi FlemingI think she is in a class of her own.  Judge Ali Campbell of UB40 fame, has said more than once that he has been touring the world for 30 years and never seen anything like her performances; she is his favourite.  Her final performance linked to here didn't wash with me, but the judges and studio audience responded rapturously.  

It will be interesting to see how the voting public places these paragons!  I see each of them as winners in their own right.  

Later note: Clara won first place, Jessie second, and Evan third.  In the video below the three of them perform a charming rendition of Gotye's song "Somebody that I used to know":

The original clip of Gotye singing it with Kimbra, which is particularly remarkable for the video, can be seen in a separate article:

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