Sunday, 5 August 2012

The astonishing Amanda Palmer in Neil Gaiman's 'Statuesque' ~ and as herself

Amanda Palmer is such an individual that she stands out from any crowd and it must surely be impossible to confuse her with anybody else.

In my view art at its best shows us different ways of seeing the world and introduces us to ideas that wouldn't otherwise occur to us.  In this short movie our assumptions about an older man who sits and watches models is unlikely to be anything like what we see going on here - or is it?  And the people who somehow permeate our thoughts, what of them?  I'll let you enjoy the film for yourselves...

She's married to Neil Gaiman.

Amanda is a singer, songwriter and performing artist.  There is nothing tame about this unexpected woman, only an oddly endearing naturalness that has a certain naivety to it.  

You can explore her website here:
If you're comfortable with a certain amount of nudity you may find the "Want it back" video and song (uncensored version) pleasing.  I liked it.  Now that was unexpected!  She's not vamping the audience or making up to the camera-person - just using her body as an art canvas.   This aspect of it has something in common with Gotye and Kimbra's video of "Somebody that I used to know" although the artwork itself is very different! Let's bear in mind too, that the naked human body has been the subject and inspiration of great art since time immemorial.


Penelope said...

Thanks for the introduction — certainly a mesmerising performance even if I'm not a convert yet to the music.

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Glad you got something worthwhile out of it, Penelope. Certainly these clips broadened my cultural horizons. :-)

Leigh Christina Russell said...

Actually to be honest, with the "Want it back" clip I was both fascinated and bubbling with laughter!