Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kina Grannis ~ 'In your arms' ~ Jelly bean art reaches its zenith!

Who would ever think of creating an entire video backdrop of moving images made up of jelly beans?  And who would ever have the patience to make it happen in co-ordination with a singer performing their song?  Boggled?  So was I!  Here is such an artwork.  I found it fascinating and beautiful - and enjoyed the song!  Kina has a lovely voice. 

Few people watching the video would think of the time and effort that went into creating the video.  It took almost two years to make.  A lot of people helped.  One 'still' camera was used to take 2460 individual images which were shown in sequence to create the apparently moving imagery.  This technique is called Stop Motion animation.  288,000 jelly beans were used.  Amazing!  The whole thing seemed impossible to me so I was glad that Kina has also posted a video about how it was made!  Total hats off to director Greg Jardin, and huge congratulations him and Kina - this is impressive performance art!

If you want to read more about it you can click on the title bar of either of the videos to reach the host YouTube site.

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