Saturday, 2 June 2012

American Idol finale disappoints ~

Over the last couple of years I've written quite a few posts about American Idol, which have reflected my enjoyment of the show.  Usually it has been very enjoyable, so in the light of fair comment I must say that although I was delighted that Phillip Phillips won the contest, I was disappointed in the finale as a whole.  In other years these have been variable, some more enjoyable than others, but this is the first one that I have simply sat through in order to see the outcome.  In fact I got a headache - and Rewi went to sleep!  On the whole it seemed raucous, and somehow rather dark.

As I have a policy of keeping a fairly positive tone I will keep my critique brief: the young singers who have come up through the competition are so talented and fresh and many of their performances have been uplifting; in the finale most of the performances given by guests simply didn't match that standard.  With some exceptions, much of the music and costumes seemed clichéd and not at all what I wanted to watch.  Further to that, most women simply shouldn't perform in body suits and high heels - they just don't look good.  The only two women I've seen who can carry off these sorts of outfits are Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson, and they're exceptional anyway!  And ah, black leather bikinis look simply terrible on anyone!  

One performance I was glad to see was of the top ten contestants 'singing the phone book'.  This was a tribute to Randy Jackson, one of the judges: after an especially good performance he often declares that the contestant "could sing the phone book".  The song was clever and a lot of fun with each of the contestants adding their own signature vocals!

From the look of what's on YouTube these days, Fox appears to be clamping down on the sharing of Am Idol content.  This is disappointing as it's not always available on their own site, and you'd think it would be first class free publicity for them.  After all it's the enthusiasm of fans that keeps these shows in business year after year. 

So, what to do now that this year's contest is over?  Await Phillip's forthcoming album, that's what!

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