Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jeremy Wade presents the 'River Monsters' series

My enjoyment of the 'River Monsters' series came as a surprise as normally I find fishing programmes a big turn-off: I'm a vegetarian and hate to see well-to-do powerful men making sport of battling with helpless flailing sea life, and then chopping it up and eating it - it turns my stomach.  Having said that, I have no objection to local people fishing for what they need to live.  At all events, to find myself not only watching this show but taping it to re-watch again later was unprecedented and an indication of how different this series is from other fishing shows. 

Looking at the length of the series as indicated in Wikipedia I can see I have viewed only a small number of episodes, but would be keen to see more any time they come to air. 

Jeremy Wade is an engaging presenter: I enjoyed his respectful interest in and involvement with local people in all manner of small and out of the way communities, many of them living in very primitive conditions; I enjoyed the stories about the 'monsters' and the strange twists and turns through which his searching led him; and most of all I enjoyed his excitement and delight when he finally tracked down his fish, caught them, held them for the camera, and then very carefully let them go again...   Nice one, Jeremy!

My understanding is that many of these fish have not previously been scientifically documented, and their very existence the source of rumour and legend.  

'River Monsters' is available on DVD and also in book format.

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