Friday, 9 March 2012

Grand Designs ~ presented by Kevin McCloud

I don't watch much television these days, but the UK programme, 'Grand Designs' is an enduring favourite.  Although I'm often not all that keen on some individual designs there are always lots of interesting stories and new ideas to consider.  

Some designs I do like very much, and the one about the Tenby lifeboat station in Wales was one of these.  The home site at Channel 4 gives the episode reference as
...which seems to contradict details shown on New Zealand's TV3 listings and in Wikipedia where it is listed there as 
Anyway, New Zealanders can view that episode via the Internet for the coming week if they wish, using the link above.

The Grand Designs part of Channel 4's website used to be first rate and appears to have had a less than satisfactory overhaul.  Looking at it just now I found it almost impossible to navigate and did not find the level of content that I enjoyed in the site's earlier scheme, so for additional information it's Wikipedia to the rescue: here is their entry for the Grand Designs programme.  Note that episode lists are in a separate entry linked to at the right of that page.

In my view presenter Kevin McCloud, is a large part of the shows success: amiable, plain-spoken and relaxed, he talks with home owners, consultants and site workers as they progress with their projects, and always closes the show with constructive comment, which is refreshing.

Fans of Kevin may be interested to see more about his own project at the HAB site, in which housing will be "environmentally sustainable, affordable".  The text on the pages is small and is a lot easier to enjoy when enlarged: Microsoft users, hold down the Ctrl button and roll your mouse wheel forward...

Note for New Zealand viewers: on 7th Sept 2011 an interview with Kevin McCloud - screened on TV3's Campbell Live show.  In it Kevin shares some thoughts about the post-earthquake Christchurch rebuild.

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