Friday, 6 January 2012

Dan Piraro's cartoons in Bizarro Blog lighten up gloom!

Bizarro Blog is a site I visit when I need to lighten up: it often gives me a good laugh, or at the very least provides fresh viewpoints.  Writer and artist Dan Piraro has a very quirky, somewhat satirical view of life, and sometimes even his despondency makes me smile and puts things in perspective.  Each article he writes contains humour in three layers: one in the cartoons, another in the text, and the third through an unlikely gallery of images accessed via click-through links.

Three I've particularly enjoyed are:
Thank you, Dan Piraro, for helping so many of us laugh about our confusing world!

I've placed a permanent link to this blog in the right hand side-bar of this Chronicle, under the heading, 'Recommended Sites and Links'.

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