Sunday, 11 September 2011

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez perform 'Aguanile' ~

It has taken me months to remember to post this, and since I still find it memorable here it is: 

For me this performance was a highlight of this year's American Idol finale.  I'm not usually all that partial to this type of music but found this wonderfully stirring: Marc Anthony has a powerful and compelling voice, and Jennifer, clad in a mass of long feathers and the tresses of her hair, danced and prowled wonderfully.  I loved seeing her use her hair as part of her costume!  She and the other dancers made their part of the performance look easy, but those of us who have learnt anything about Latin American dancing recognise their skill.  And wow, what a way to build your thighs!  Beautiful - I loved the whole thing. 

This link to the American Idol site take you to their posting of the same performance and enables you to watch other highlights from the finale as well.

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