Wednesday, 27 April 2011

American Idol ROCKS! Casey Abrams and James Durbin carry the day ~

The 2011 season continues to roll forward on a wave of high energy.  It's exciting viewing: each week I wonder what on earth Casey and James are going to come out with next!   At this stage all contestants are very accomplished but these two really pull it out of the hat with their on-stage acts.  This isn't only about singing well, it's about stage presence, and while singing is central to the contest, it's those with the ability to entertain and excite that keep us attentive and move us shout our enthusiasm!

Here is Casey singing  "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5:

And James singing "Uprising" by Muse: 
James accurately describes this as being about post-apocalyptic protest.  Nice one, Muse.  I'm sure many people around the globe can identify with these sentiments.

While some parts of James rendition make for uneasy listening, the raw delivery certainly drives home the tension of the lyrics. These should make us uneasy, and James teases out this edginess in his own special way.

These men are both so talented, and pour heart and soul into each performance.  I think this contest is between the two of them.  Although the final result is going to be a matter of popularity, in my view both deserve to win - in different categories.

It's wonderful to see such diversity of talent: Scotty is King of Country, and Jacob of Gospel and Soul; Hayley shines most in Jazz and paired up beautifully with Casey in the duet "Moanin'":

Lauren's Country style is a happy match with Scotty's when they have sung together; James is the Rocker.  With Stephano's departure we see the departure of middle-of-the-road Pop.  Who would have guessed it?  Congratulations to the judges for bringing forward this wide range of talent and to America for embracing it.

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