Sunday, 6 February 2011

"The days of Pearly Spencer" written and sung by David McWilliams

I heard this song discussed on the radio recently, loved the sound of the lyrics and looked it up.  Here is the version I liked best:

I found it unexpectedly moving, and the sight of fresh-faced McWilliams in this very simple and decidedly dated video took me back down the years.  The lyrics describe poverty and loss with care and a degree of tender feeling.  These sorts of ballads keep us awake to aspects of the world around us from which we tend to turn aside.

Later note:
Dear me, EMI has blocked access to the above video from this part of the world!  I hope you can see it from where ever it is that you live!

David McWilliams died in 2002 when he was 56.  My father was the same age when he died many years earlier.  Both died from heart attacks.  What a waste.  Rest in peace, both of you.

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