Tuesday, 14 September 2010

"The Real Dirt on Farmer John" ~ a documentary about organic farming and an extraordinary man

I love this film and recommend it most highly to anyone interested in the quality of the food they eat, the source of their food, organics, sustainability, farming and so on.

It is the story of farmer John Peterson, who presents a compelling story of growing up on a farm in America's mid-west, inheriting it, giving it up twice - and going back one more time.   Finally  he arrived at style of farming that worked for him, biodynamics, a form of organic agriculture. 

He certainly is an unusual man.  At a time in history when the display of natural emotions still incurs censure he generously lets us into his private world: his joys and sorrows, anger and frustration, his relationships, and ultimately his celebration of farming life, the people who make it happen and the land itself.

Movie trailer:

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