Sunday, 14 March 2010

TV3 Plus 1 - delayed second broadcast available on Freeview

There are lots of good things about Freeview, and one of the less well known ones is the option to watch TV3s time-delayed broadcast on  TV3 Plus 1. Here identical broadcasts are made an hour after the initial one, so if for example, you want to watch the six o'clock news but are busy until seven you can watch it then. I don't know why the channel doesn't make this excellent feature more widely know. It's  especially handy on Saturday nights when the few decent shows broadcast across our screens tend to all be scheduled for 7.30! On our television set TV3 Plus 1 is on channel 29; on yours it may be different. I'm not technically enough minded to give you any more information other than this.

Also not well known is TV3s broadcast of the 6 o'clock news on Radio Pacific which is broadcast on both AM and FM frequencies.

I've attempted to find this information on the TV3 website, but found it completely impenetrable.  If you have better information let me know!

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