Saturday, 13 March 2010

The 27 dresses of a long-suffering bridesmaid

27 dresses (2008) is a movie of pure escapism, something you could fall asleep in front of without any worries about the characters or the storyline - nothing (irredeemably) bad happens.  Having said that, it is entertaining in its way and I was glad I turned the television on when I did.  It was a pleasant way to while away an evening when I was feeling flat, and left me with some nice images and a good feeling.

Katherine Heigl is very beautiful and winsome as Jane, the seemingly eternal bridesmaid. Her collection of bridesmaids dresses in itself provides an amusing commentary about weddings and wedding gear - dress-ups are fun and the costume designer must have enjoyed putting this very mixed collection together!

Jane is burning with love for her boss, played by Edward Burns, who finds her indispensable as his ever-obliging personal assistant without noticing her obvious devotion. Enter her sister, played by Malin Akerman, and things hot up immediately - but not for Jane. James Marsden, as cynical wedding reporter Kevin Doyle, is perhaps the most believable character and his style and freshness kept me interested in watching. Yes, the conclusion is predictable, but for a bit of time out, this is a safe and pleasantly goofy choice.

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