Thursday, 23 June 2016

Supergroove ~ unleash that energy!

One way and another it's been a tough week, and my mood has rather fitted this darkest time of the year.  However, on the way home one evening, in the dark and rain I heard Supergroove's recording, "You gotta know" (1993) and my spirits lifted.  I had not heard the song before and it had just the right mix of rough-with-the-smooth backed by a driving beat that fitted how I was feeling, and helped me bust out of my tired and defeated state of mind.  When I got home I looked it up to see who it was by and, once again, I found that it was a New Zealand group!  So many of the pieces I've featured in this collection have turned out to be local!  Yay, Supergroove!

Of the two videos featured in this article I've placed "Can't get enough" (1994) first as the video is a gem and I prefer it to the one for "You gotta know", which could perhaps best be described as energetic and letting off steam.  The music is much better than that but essentially that was the effect it had on me.

These recordings may have been released quite a while ago, but sound as contemporary as anything I know of.

'Can't get enough':

'You gotta know':

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tiki Taane ~ 'Tangaroa, God of the sea' ~ calling to the deeps

My regard for Tiki Taane continues to grow.  In this recording he boldly performs what most would hesitate to share: the dramatisation of a spiritual connection between himself, the sea, and what I am guessing are the spirits of his tribe.  It is a chant of considerable power, a call to the deeps with fierce and elemental energy.

I heard this on the radio when I was relaxing in my car, taking a break with a sandwich and a cuppa on my way from one destination and another.  My attention was immediately caught.  

Once I knew what it was about I imagined the early Maori warriors paddling their great canoes out in the ocean in rythym with that vigorous chant.  They would need to call up great energy to match the power of the sea, and the chant certainly taps into that.

Looking at the video I can see that the story has a somewhat different slant, powerful in a different way and even more compelling.  It is a masterful production, and as with so many other such videos I'd like to see more end-of-film credits to those involved in it.

Thank you, Tiki Taane, for this courageous recording, and to Tahu FM for giving it air time.

Readers who enjoy this may also like to watch his video of 'Nana's song', another very personal recording, this time about his grandmother:

Ria Hall, who sings with him, has an amazing voice.  She also performs in Stan Walkers video, 'Aotearoa', which is featured in another of my articles, which you can find by clicking on the link below:
Maisey Rika, who also performs with Stan Walker in that video, performs her own very different song about Tangaroa here:
It is a beautiful song about the God of the sea and the importance of caring for all the creatures that live in the waters.

Tiki Taane features in an earlier article of mine, singing with Jayson Norris, a happy song which you can find by clicking on the link below:
I have enjoyed getting to know the music of these amazingly talented musicians, through the work they do together.  What do they have in common?  They are all Maori!  Ataahua!

You can find out more about Tiki Taane at his site here:

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

J Williams with Brooke Duff ~ 'Piece of me'

J Williams, what a beautiful piece this is!  The duet with Brooke Duff is great, but for me it's the dancing that makes it so remarkable and memorable - beautifully choreographed and performed piece, and admirably filmed.  But who is the exquisite and highly accomplised dancer who partners J Williams? 

This is yet another demonstration of the remarkable musical and performing arts talent here in New Zealand.

Thanks once more to NZ On Air for backing them.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ryan Enzed ~ 'Crawling' ~ featuring Sahara Skye ~ Wow!

What a fabulous video, Ryan Enzed ...

I've always been a dance fan but didn't realise how amazing body painting could be!  The bodies of the dancers seem to have a new freedom in their paint-wear; a different sort of dignity and beauty from what we commonly see, as well as classiness!

Thanks to NZ On Air for the funding that made this possible.  

I would like to know more about Ryan, Sahara and the other dancers and artists...  There doesn't seem to be much about them on the web at this time.

MAALA ~ 'Kind of love' ~ song out now

I was delighted to hear this new song by MAALA on the radio the other day and instantly recognised his voice:

Yay, MAALA, I've been a big fan of yours right from the beginning, when I heard you sing 'Blackbird'!

And thanks George FM for giving it air time, my most listened-to radio station!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Katy B ~ 'Crying for no reason'

Katy B has a beautiful singing voice and it's a catchy song beautifully performed  A stunning light show features in this video, which I have enjoyed each time I've gone back to it.  However, it won't be everyone's cup of tea as it features flashing lights which may cause mental distress or migraine in some viewers.  I'm normally unable to watch this sort of thing, but find this one compelling, especially the closing sequence.      

My only disappointment is that the video doesn't include credits to the other musicians and light show experts who made this so impressive.