Friday, 2 May 2014

'Save my soul' ~ Jayson Norris ~ a great rock-along song!

I stumbled upon this delightful new song when it was played on the C4 channel last evening.  Needless to say I immediately searched the web for it and wondered why I couldn't find it, the reason being (as far as I can tell) the video was only posted today!  Well, here it is - the best new song I've heard in quite a while: it has a great beat and fun feel to it, and a cheering display of actual human warmth - I love it! 

The musicians performing with Jayson Norris are Tiki Taane and Cocoa Jackson Lane.  Congratulations to you all, and thanks for sharing the joy! 

In 'Freedom to live', a very different, yet similarly heartfelt song, Jayson sings about the loss of young life in wartime.  I'm posting two versions, the first of which is the official video, which shows a sombre view, a moving and very personal tribute which is surely suitable for any wartime comemoration:

And here is the second and informal video, included because the musician is worthy of being seen.

Whoever saved those lampshades from the seventies also deserves credit!

You can buy Jayson's musical recordings via the links below:
Jayson, I'm a fan - hats off to you and a big bouquet! 

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