Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Kiesza ~ 'Hideaway' ~ nice street dancing!

This is a very enjoyable song accompanied by a delightful street dancing routine which made me smile!  According to the Wikipedia it was recorded in a single 'take' - impressive - there is so much going on to get right, including miming the song exactly in time with the recording! 

She is a Canadian with Norwegian and Scottish ancestry.  As well as a lovely voice she has gorgeous red hair and creamy skin!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Presets ~ 'Ghosts' ~ music and high diving

The Presets is an Australian duo, Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes.  I have watched this video time and time again and never tire of it.  The spectacle of high diving is an unlikely match for the song, 'Ghosts', but works wonderfully. 

I do not follow sports at all, but if they were delivered in this sort of format I would there all the way!  

I first posted this video in my article about learning to swim, which you can read here:

Friday, 11 July 2014

Estelle ~ 'American Boy' ~ spot those slinky styles!

Estelle's charming song and video is an essay in style, particularly men's styles.  Estelle, you are gorgeous.  There is stiff competition from the men in this respect, and the photographic direction is very arty!  Kayne West shares the spotlight and the singing with Estelle.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

OneRepublic ~ "Love runs out"

OneRepublic, an American band, shows a decidedly international flavour in this colourful video.  I love it.  The music stands perfectly well by itself, but is enriched by the video: I love the cloudscapes, the many dancers, the horses, the older woman in the fabulous pink dress, and of course the sight of lead singer Ryan Tedder, strutting his stuff - it's very crisply presented and all such fun!  Yes, OneRepublic, I award you a big gold star for this one!  Watch it on the full-screen size to see it to the best advantage! 

In awarding the gold star I deliberately chose to overlook the use of black polythene (plastic) which I detest on principle, because I could see the effect they were aiming for.

I have linked to the group's website at the beginning of the article, but in common with many sites of musical groups it gives next to no information about them and their history.  You can find out more about them in good old Wikipedia:

Sunday, 4 May 2014

'Poor Boy' ~ "My love is alien" ~ Jason Kerrison and ENZSO with a fresh take on Tim Finn's song

"Poor boy" is an unusual and beautifully crafted song which has the timeless quality of much of the music written and performed by the New Zealand band 'Split Enz'.  It was written by Tim Finn for the group's "True Colours" album in 1980.

What wonderfully imaginative lyrics!  Here are the opening lines:
My love is alien, I picked her up by chance
She speaks to me, with ultra-high frequency
Radio band of gold, gonna listen til I grow old...
I was fortunate enough to own a copy at that time and foolishly gave it away some years later.  It is worth buying again!

The song was performed on last year's (2013) "New Zealand's got talent" show in an updated version by musician Jason Kerrison, who was also on the judging panel.  He was accompanyied by the group ENZSO, a collaboration of Eddie Rayner with members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  Eddie was a Split Enz keyboard player of some twelve years standing so was in an unassailable position to do so.  The result is special, rivaling the original, and in my view giving it fresh pequancy.

Click through on the link below to see the video:
And below you can see the original version, which captures all the wonderful theatrical zaniness of Split Enz as they were at that time:

And just for good measure, here is a version posted by a fan which is accompanied by an engaging compilation of  images which span the long career of the band:

Friday, 2 May 2014

'Save my soul' ~ Jayson Norris ~ a great rock-along song!

I stumbled upon this delightful new song when it was played on the C4 channel last evening.  Needless to say I immediately searched the web for it and wondered why I couldn't find it, the reason being (as far as I can tell) the video was only posted today!  Well, here it is - the best new song I've heard in quite a while: it has a great beat and fun feel to it, and a cheering display of actual human warmth - I love it! 

The musicians performing with Jayson Norris are Tiki Taane and Cocoa Jackson Lane.  Congratulations to you all, and thanks for sharing the joy! 

In 'Freedom to live', a very different, yet similarly heartfelt song, Jayson sings about the loss of young life in wartime.  I'm posting two versions, the first of which is the official video, which shows a sombre view, a moving and very personal tribute which is surely suitable for any wartime comemoration:

And here is the second and informal video, included because the musician is worthy of being seen.

Whoever saved those lampshades from the seventies also deserves credit!

You can buy Jayson's musical recordings via the links below:
Jayson, I'm a fan - hats off to you and a big bouquet!