Wednesday, 18 May 2011

"Will you still love me tomorrow?" ~ James Durbin is *my* American Idol of 2011 ~

I am sorely disappointed that James has been eliminated as the top fourth, leaving Lauren, Hayley and Scotty as the final three.  I see James as having far and away the most musical talent and charisma of the four.  I've lost interest in the competition and hardly have the heart to watch it further.  What I'm sure I will watch will be the continuation of James musical career which looks set to move ahead in leaps and bounds.

Here he is singing: "Will you still love me tomorrow" when in the top six:

Setting aside James prodigious talent, he has made an important contribution to the general public in other ways: from the beginning he's been open about being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism.  'High-functioning' in this instance means that the degree of autism that is closest to what is commonly regarded as 'normal' for the rest of us.  His openness will have helped a lot of people learn about these conditions and to see them more positively.  

His directness and intensity of expression is perhaps a result of this internal pressure, and for me adds to his charm: he doesn't produce the sound, rather, he IS the sound.  Magic!  Yes, James, I will love you tomorrow!

Hugh Laurie ~ serious and funny

Here's a diversion for those readers who are fans of Hugh Laurie and the American television drama, 'House'.  Let's set aside the serious stuff and listen to Hugh talk about having fun ... only for him it doesn't come as naturally as one might suppose.  In this video he talks about it, about Emma Thompson, acting on the stage, and falling asleep in unlikely places:

Ever wondered why some celebrities get a bit crusty with the media? The video below contains an answer.  We love you, Hugh.  Keep up the good work of making us think as well as laugh!